About Us

About Us

Chronicle Global is a professional Merchant Export House, focusing on quality, safety and on-time delivery. Our experience and expertise in serving the export market helps us understand the Business with great focus. We export all categories of products including Granite and Marbles, Surgical Instruments and Gloves, Chemicals, Carpets & Rugs, Spices, Leather Bag and Jackets, Dry Fruits, Essential Oils etc. Our portfolio covers a wide range of Commodities, Customers and Geographies around the world. We are a leading Merchant Exporter with over 13 years of expertise and experience.

Chronicle Global is a perfect blend of experienced professionals from technical, commercial, trade/logistics and financial background. The Company’s Vision coupled with professionalism, passion and tireless efforts has earned it trust among importers from various Countries.

What makes Chronicle Global different is that we provide value advantage, personalized service and encourage orders of all sizes and quantities. We provide continuous update to our customers and suppliers on the nature of the product, its availability and also keep track of the whereabouts of the containers and the distance from the destination; we provide one-stop solutions for all the requirements of our customers. From procurement to shipping, logistics support to delivery.

At Chronicle Global, our philosophy is “Everything Happens for the Best” and this philosophy permeates our business processes. Our aim is to provide a trustworthy and loyal relationship with our importers and exporters etc.

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