Leather Bag And Jackets

Chronicle Global Pvt. Ltd is a well-known leather apparel manufacturer or leather jacket manufacturer and exporter of premium quality finished leather jackets. A fashionable leather jacket makes a person look really attractive and better. We are leather jackets manufacturers in India and assure that our buyers get both superior quality and affordable prices.

As a leather jackets supplier, we have some of the most creative designs in our leather jackets collection. Chronicle Global offers flexibility manufacturing options where our buyers can opt for private label leather jacket manufacturing and custom leather jacket manufacturers where buyers provide us with their own leather jacket designs and specifications.

Women's Casual Leather Jackets

We are leather jacket manufacturers and suppliers of jackets ranging from premium quality to affordable quality, having all the features a good and stylish jacket should have. As a custom leather jacket manufacturer, all our leather jackets are of the best quality and they are available at competitive prices.

Women's Leather Bags

Chronicle Global Pvt. Ltd is a leather Bags manufacturer in India as well as a custom leather Bags manufacturer and leather jacket supplier from India. We are India’s leading leather jackets exporter and leather bag manufacturers in India.

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