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Dry fruits are a special agricultural commodity. It is in great demand in global markets. It is a type of healthy fruit which is dried in nature, nutritious and takes time to attain a suitable state for consumption. Dried fruits contain about 0.01% water content because the entire water content is removed either naturally or through the drying process or special equipment.

Dried fruits have a long history in the ancient world, dating back to when Iraq was known as “Mesopotamia” more than five thousand (5,000) years ago. It had a valuable place in the different cultures that existed in the city or outside the city. The rulers of the city were found to have a great appetite for enjoying dry fruits in their regular lives. He believed that eating dry fruits increased his brain power and gave him a longer shelf life. Today the consumption of this fruit has increased globally as there is a huge demand for raisins, apricots, figs, pistachios, dates, plums and almonds. In the era of digital business, the import-export business of dry fruits seems to be on the seventh sky.


Although importing countries are dependent on exporting countries and as a trade facilitator, this modern platform ensures that every need of verified global sellers and verified buyers is met more accurately through digital innovation.

Dry Fruits Import & Export From Chronicle Global Pvt Ltd

The purchasing process on the platform is hassle free as it is digital and innovative. As a buyer you do not need to have your physical presence in the trading process. Chronicle Global Pvt. Ltd. makes the importer’s journey from inspection to delivery difficult.

Huge Demand For Different Types Of Dry Fruits In The Global Market

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