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Chemical Importers & Exporters In India

As one of the leading chemical exporters, Chronicle Global’s capabilities give your business a significant edge in the marketplace. We specialize in exporting chemicals with a focus on efficient and expedient service.

Proven Processes For Reliable Exporting

Importing and exporting are probably two of the most complex industries. How does Chronicle Global cut through the chaos to help you achieve your business goals as easily as possible?

Regulation: In exporting, you often answer to multiple jurisdictions and governing bodies. It’s a messy business, but it’s been made much simpler with the help of the experts at Chronicle Global.

Speed: Logistics alone are enough to give any growing business a reason to stop. That’s why Chronicle Global takes steps to reduce idle time and keep your chemical products running.

Safety: Exporting is complex enough, but exporting chemicals can be downright dangerous without the level of care provided by Chronicle Global. Our chemical handlers have a deep understanding of safety and best practices. Your chemicals and everyone who comes in contact with them are well protected.

At Chronicle Global, we have set the standards in chemical exporting. We have years of experience, a team of experienced chemical management experts and a reputation for excellent customer service.

Chronicle Global Is Leading Chemical Exporters

We identify and respond to global market needs. It is with this objective in mind that we established Chronicle Global.

Our team of professionals assists you with packaging, shipping attestation and regulatory compliance.

Chronicle Global was established in 2011 to pursue our growth initiatives while meeting the needs of the global chemical market.

The Global Chemical Export Scenario

Through direct customer contact through our sales professionals and the support of dedicated partners in each country, SCI has proven to be a consistent channel partner for our customers on every order.

Whatever your chemical export needs, Chronicle Global can help identify the right solution for you.

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